I am terrible at blogging

So, I managed to not write any more blogs for half of the year. Well done me. To be fair to me, I did put on my first solo show at the Edinburgh festival, then spent that latter half of the year fannying about America. I was busy, ok? 

I did, however, stick to my Bechdel rules. Though I watched a lot of films on planes and didn’t include them in the test as I wasn’t paying to see them. Is that cheating? Most of them did pass anyway. Back off, yeah? I’m trying. 

I didn’t go to the cinema very much in the 2nd half of the year. I did go to see the 2nd Hunger Games movie. Which brings me to this news:

Movies Passing the Bechdel Test Earned More in 2013
Hooray. That’s good news, isn’t it. It’s probably because of my several pounds spent on them, right? And this world-shattering blog. Or perhaps there is a shift where women (and men, probably) audiences want to see more women characters doing more stuff. 

I know it’s not a film, but I jizzed myself over Orange is the New Black because of the variety & depth in the range of women characters. And it’s made me thirsty for more. MOAR WOMENZ FROM A VARIETY OF BACKGROUNDS & CULTURES, HNNNNGGG. I honestly found myself crying at some points when watching it because I was overwhelmed with delight at the multitude of representation. 

So my year of only paying to see Bechdel test-passing films has concluded but guess what? I’M NOT STOPPING. I got a lot out of this experiment. It has recalibrated my standards for the types of narratives I want to see. I am a million times more interested in seeing stories from voices marginalised by western society now than another film about white men. 

I look for it in all the art & culture I consume now. I want more diversity in the TV I watch, the books I read – I was in the Tate modern and realised it was a room full of work by white european men, I walked out. I’m bored of that now. 

Who wants to go to the cinema with me?




One thought on “I am terrible at blogging

  1. I was just updating my summary for number of films for each bechdel score by year for films listed on http://bechdeltest.com/ In total for all years 2423 out of 4331 scored 3. I don’t believe there has been this much improvement in film output over last year. But might be an indication that people are becoming more aware and adding films that pass to their site.

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