A Year of Bechdel

The Bechdel Test is a very simple test designed by Alison Bechdel to gauge representation of women in film. 


The rules again, if you didn’t get it from the comic, or just enjoy seeing things expressed in pictures and words and then in words alone:

1. there must be at least two (named) women

2. they must speak to each other

3. about something other than a man

Sounds simple, eh? Except loads of films don’t pass it. Bloody loads. 

I’m bored of watching films that don’t feature women. So, this year I am going to try to only pay to watch films that pass the Bechdel test, and I’m going to try to see one new film a week. I’ll check if a film passes it by checking here or asking people on Twitter who have seen it. I’ll probably be going mostly on Wednesdays (with my Orange Wednesdays 241 – let me know if you want to be my cinema buddy) and I’ll update this blog with how it goes. 

I love movies. I LOVE them. I can watch three in a row without getting bored but I really wish they better represented women and I hope this experiment sheds some light on the representation of women in cinema.


3 thoughts on “A Year of Bechdel

  1. If you’re looking for good films that do pass, have you seen Happy Go Lucky and the Hours? you probably have, but watch them again cause they’re ace! I was trying to think of a film that fails the reverse Bechdale, does Mean Girls pass? Good luck with the project!

    • I haven’t seen either of those, I’ll get on it. I’m not sure if Mean Girls passes the reverse Bechdel, I’d have to watch it again. I think *maybe* the Mathletes talk to each other? Or the jock boyfriends? Still, don’t really need a reason to re-watch it 🙂

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